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New COVID Protocols - Schroeder Dentistry

New COVID Protocols: How to be Prepared for Your Next Dental Appointment

July 6, 2020

It is imperative during this time of a global pandemic that we all take the proper measures socially and professionally to protect our loved ones and colleagues. At Schroeder Dentistry, we have gone above and beyond the recommendations set forth by the CDC and the KBD. In an effort to prepare our patients for the…

DIY Braces - DIY Orthodontics

DIY Orthodontics: 3 Reasons Not to Trust Your Dental Care to a Dental Lab

November 4, 2019

Considered using a DIY company to help you with aligning or straightening your teeth? If your teeth are crowded or have too much space between them, you may have heard about options on the internet including being Candid about getting a Smile Direct from a dental lab. Below are a few reasons not to trust…

searching for dentist onlline

What to Look For When Searching For a Dentist Online

July 2, 2019

Looking for a dentist online? Whom do you trust? Find below a list of factors to consider when searching for a dentist. 4 Things to Consider When Searching For a Dentist Online 1. Location, Location, Location When dental emergencies happen for you or a young family member, it is much easier to access dental care…

smile rehab

Is Now the Time for a Smile Rehab?

May 20, 2019

Is it time to rehab your smile? Our patients want to smile with confidence so discussing options regarding their smile is our focus with them. If the tooth or teeth shade, shape or contour is not pleasing to the eye, we can come up with options! What are smile rehab options? Well first, we haveĀ …

structure of dental implant

Dental Implants

April 30, 2019

Hello and welcome back to the Schroeder Cosmetic and Family Dentistry blog where we’ll be discussing dental implants today! We’d like to give you some information about replacing missing teeth with dental implants, the pieces of a dental implant and limitations/concerns associated with dental implants.   Do you have a missing space in your smile?…

celebrity smiles

The Truth Behind Celebrity Smiles

January 3, 2019

How do celebrities get their teeth straight, white and camera ready in the fastest way possible? First, they consult with a cosmetic dentist, like Schroeder Dentistry, about their priorities. Most have strict time schedules so traditional orthodontics (braces) are out of the question. Alignment If alignment issues must be addressed due to crowding, clear aligners…


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