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DIY Orthodontics: 3 Reasons Not to Trust Your Dental Care to a Dental Lab

DIY Braces - DIY Orthodontics

Considered using a DIY company to help you with aligning or straightening your teeth? If your teeth are crowded or have too much space between them, you may have heard about options on the internet including being Candid about getting a Smile Direct from a dental lab. Below are a few reasons not to trust your dental care to a dental lab without a supervising dentist:

  1. Undiagnosed disease before or during treatment – If decay is not removed prior to wearing clear aligners, capturing food and debris under aligners can accelerate dental cavities further towards the pulp of the tooth. Once the decay reaches the pulp of the tooth, a root canal or tooth removal (extraction) must be considered. In addition, the attachment of bone to tooth may be affected without proper cleanings or if the teeth being moved in the trays are causing bone loss, the teeth may become mobile. Tooth mobility is a significant symptom and many times leads to tooth loss. All of the ailments and potential diseases need to be cleared by a physical, licensed, local dentist before, during and after any clear aligner treatment is pursued.
  2. Inaccurate treatment information – Inaccurate impressions not approved by dentists, hot shipping trucks causing deformed clear aligner trays and lack of tooth or tray observation by a dentist are just a few reasons why these services will have more and more issues in the future. Reckless is an understatement when it comes to the quality of care patients receive from an online clear aligner company.
  3. National company with impunity – These large companies are backed by millions and millions of dollars in an effort to bring clear aligners direct to patients. The only problem is, they are practicing dentistry without a license when scanning teeth and are not evaluating for underlying disease. In addition, their communication with patients is not acceptable as seen on many Facebook posts and articles. Incomplete treatment and wrecking the occlusion (bite) are commonplace in the online clear aligner therapy world. Find an article below about this very same subject from a national news organization:

SmileDirectClub: Moving Fast and Breaking Things in People’s Mouths – 85% Downside

As listed above, think twice before pursuing online clear aligner therapy or DIY orthodontics. Here at Schroeder Dentistry, our team is seeing more and more poor results of DIY orthodontics and hope this call to action reaches listening ears. If we may ever answer questions or help you and your family in any way, please pick up the phone and give us a call. Have a great day!