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To Floss or Not to Floss? Is That Really a Question?

Welcome back to the Schroeder Cosmetic and Family Dentistry blog! It is truly a blessing to have so many patients interested in their oral hygiene recently after a New York Times article proclaimed that flossing may be of little or no use when attempting to prevent gum disease. As clinicians, we see the difference in patients that do floss or clean their teeth interproximally (between the teeth) with another device. We ALWAYS recommend flossing become a part of your daily routine!

dental floss

Although the traditional “C-Shaped” flossing method has proven beneficial in reducing interproximal plaque, we’ve also found the Waterpik water flosser to be exceptional at reducing plaque around lingual ortho wires, orthodontic brackets (braces), bridges (fixed partial dentures) and implant restorations. The Cocofloss video shows great execution of the “C-Shaped” flossing method we recommend:


Wondering what a Waterpik is and how it works? The Waterpik is another part of your home care regimen that can make it much easier to clean in tough to reach places. We do not suggest completely eliminating string floss from your nightly regimen but there have been research from Tufts University showing similar, and in some respects better, efficacy for cleansing the teeth.



The Waterpik comes with several tips to reach difficult areas as well as multiple pressure settings. We suggest beginning at the lowest setting for two weeks and slowly increasing to about halfway thru the power settings. Be sure to place the tip in your mouth before turning on and placing your head over the sink! This will allow your gums to adapt to the new physical insult while improving your oral hygiene. The Waterpik can be most handy around implants, bridges, and orthodontic brackets.

Have questions about using a Waterpik? Feel free to make an appointment and discuss a potentially new weapon in your oral hygiene arsenal with your dentists in Lexington KY, Dr. Fred or Dr. Thad today! Have a great week Lexington!