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Is Now the Time for a Smile Rehab?

Is it time to rehab your smile? Our patients want to smile with confidence so discussing options regarding their smile is our focus with them. If the tooth or teeth shade, shape or contour is not pleasing to the eye, we can come up with options! What are smile rehab options? Well first, we have  to evaluate the gums and alignment of the teeth.

smile rehab - dentist lexington ky

If a dental cleaning needs to happen first because of gingivitis or bone loss, we can do that right here in Lexington, Kentucky at Schroeder Cosmetic and Family Dentistry! Next, we evaluate the alignment of the teeth to see if beautiful results can be accomplished without Invisalign. If we need to utilize Invisalign trays to improve the alignment, we can do that here in our office! After these first two criteria are met, we can evaluate for smile rehabilitation:

  1. Initial whitening to improve color if needed.
    • This step is needed to evaluate the current shade and make sure the team understands the expectations of the final smile rehab.
    • Also, it is important for everyone to understand that once any fillings, crowns or veneers are completed, they can not be whitened. Thus, a goal shade must be chosen at the initial visit.
    • We provide Sapphire and Boost whitening options for our patients and love the results!
  2. Dental Crowns, Dental Veneers or white bonding are all options to reshape and give new shade, shape and color to the teeth.
    • Depending on treatment needed, this step is the biggest investment but returns the most drastic change to the smile.
    • Dental Veneers are cemented to the front of the teeth with minimal enamel removal while Dental Crowns are cemented completely over the tooth after enamel removal on all surfaces of the tooth. Dr. Thad or Dr. Fred can explain the differences and reasoning behind which one is best for your smile! Either way, the tooth is restored to a more pleasing shape and shade to meet the expectations of the patient and the doctor.
    • Dental bonding is white filling material used to close small spaces or replace missing parts of tooth from dental decay and cavities. Dental bonding is a more temporary fix in comparison to dental crowns or dental veneers.
  3. Biteguard
    • Protect any smile rehab investment with a Biteguard so chipping and fracturing does not occur to your new beautiful smile!

Following the steps above will get the smile rehab you desire! Each step is necessary along the path towards oral health and creating beautiful smiles here in Lexington Kentucky!